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Release Date 2015
Produced by Warner Home Video
Format DVD
Discs 1
Region 1

Sesame Street Count on Elmo Preview

Count capes Grover Elmo Abby Cookie.jpg

Count on Elmo is a Sesame Street DVD released on July 7, 2015.

The DVD's main feature is the "Count Tribute" street story, with added scenes to set it up. Bonus features include the full-length video, ABCs with Elmo and "Elmo's World: Friends." An "Elmo the Musical" pop-up book, "Ahoy, Elmo!", is packaged with this DVD.

The original material for the DVD was written by Christine Ferraro and features an original song, "Count on Friends."


  • Cartoon: "Super Hero Zero"
  • Cartoon: A girl talks about the number 1.
  • Animation: Salty and Pierre look for the number 2.
  • Animation: Juggling 3
  • Animation: Four chicks
  • Cartoon: Five trucks build a 5.
  • Animation: "Six Circus Balls"
  • Animation: Seven creatures gather for a birthday party
  • The Rainbow Fish counts 8 in the ocean.
  • Film: "Martian Beauty" (remake)
  • Animation: "Number 10 Hoedown"
  • Cartoon: "Lonely 11 Song"
  • Animation: Pinball Number Count #12 (remake)
  • Cartoon: "Thirteen's Not So Lucky"
  • Cartoon: A girl walks 14 dogs.
  • Animation: Fifteen in the garden
  • Cartoon: 16 acorns grow
  • Film: Mural Painting #17
  • Film: A man makes an 18 puzzle.
  • Cartoon: Counting to 19 with Indian imagery
  • Animation: Twenty masks