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Countess von Backwards 2722.jpg
PERFORMER Camille Bonora
DEBUT 1990
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

Countess von Backwards is a love interest to Count von Count, seen during season 21 of Sesame Street.

Unlike the Countess Natasha, with whom the Count has also been paired, Countess von Backwards has particular traits associated with her. Her counting obsession is to count things backwards, no matter the value. Each number she counts is punctuated with a chime, followed by the sounds of howling wolves.

She first appears in Episode 2722, where she and the Count profess their love for each other in her castle. She was then seen again in Episode 2724, where she and the Count re-enact a version of their first meeting so it can be filmed by Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

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