Music by Bill Sherman and Jake Huffman
Lyrics by Joey Mazzarino
Date 2013
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.

"Counting the "You"s in YouTube" is a Sesame Street song commemorating their YouTube channel reaching one billion total video views, the first for any non-profit or children's entertainment channel in YouTube.

Described as a "Top Secret Video," The Count sings the song as he counts all the people all over the world watching Sesame Street clips on YouTube until he reaches one billion.

The video features the first vocal performance of the Count by Matt Vogel, following the death of Jerry Nelson.

The Count was featured as a guest blogger on YouTube's official blog. [1]


Sesame Street Counting the "You"s in YouTube

Sesame Street Counting the "You"s in YouTube


  • A scene of two women sharing cookies by an office computer screen is re-used from the "Share It Maybe" video.
  • When the video was first published, the Count originally counted to "900, 999, 999" before adding the viewer. This was later fixed to "999, 999, 999" to account for the mathematical error.

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