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Cröonchy Stars was the Swedish Chef's breakfast cereal, distributed by the Post Cereal Company in 1988 and discontinued a year later. The cereal box listed its ingredients on the side panel, as with most other food products, including a few exemptions: no trombones, no broccoli, no shoe trees and no wheelbarrows.[1] Some of the names considered for the product included Oople-Sauceys, Croonchy Poofs, Moopettes, and Stoopid Flakes.[2]

Among the various premiums and promotions offered during the production of the cereal were a Swedish Chef doll, Swedish Chef mug, a mini-flashlight, and a Crazy Recipes Card Game.


Commercials were filmed in November 1987 when the project was still being called Stoopid Flakes. New commercials were filmed in Spring 1988.[2] The 30-second television spots were produced for an $8 million advertising campaign that launched September 5, 1988.[1]


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