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Crank Yankers is a puppet series (aimed at mature audiences, though rated TV-14 usually) originally broadcast on Comedy Central from 2002-2005 and later on MTV2 in 2007, in which the characters (voiced by professional comedians) make prank phone calls. The calls are then dramatized through puppets and sets. A revival of the series ran from 2019 through 2022.

Crank Yankers uses the slogan "The calls you are about to see are real. The names have not been changed. Screw the innocent." The calls dramatized on Crank Yankers are often of a somewhat adult nature. Some of the more risque calls have related to drugs or sex. However, some are of a more humorous or irritating nature, such as a woman who has her phone call to UPS hijacked by people who are intent on giving her anything but service.

Muppet Mentions[]

  • Short insert: Camera zooms left to a building that says 321 with a trashcan nearby and at the far end is a Big Bird parody smoking a cigarette. He notices the camera and remarks in his typical friendly voice, "Oh! Hi!" until he starts to cough and is bothered by an itch on his bottom, uttering out, "Christ!".
  • Crank Call: At the beginning of Special Ed's phone conversation with a man in a swamp, a Kermit parody is sitting on a log playing the banjo until the hillbilly's wife throws a soda can at him. He then yells out, "Ow! Damn it!".
  • Crank Call: In Elmer's "crank call" segment and most of Special Ed's "crank call" segments, a Big Bird parody can be seen on a chicken wing bucket.
  • Short insert: At the same building where Big Bird was before, Kermit and Miss Piggy parodies are seen mating on top of a trashcan.
  • Short insert: Billy West announces a trailer for the shockumentry "When Puppets Explode!". A parody and tribute of Muppet explosions.
  • Crank Call: At the beginning of Hadassah Guberman's "crank call" for a nanny position, the beginning had a blue background with toys as a voice says, "Today's show is brought to you by the letters, F, U, and K." Then alphabet blocks appeared with the announced letters on them. A parody and reference to the sponsor letters on Sesame Street.
  • Crank Call: In a call Gladys makes to a video store, a poster is seen for Elmo's Fire with an illustration of an Elmo parody.
  • Crank Call: In another Hadassah's "crank call", she calls a landfill to recover her diary and the scene ends with a trashcan thrown onto a pile of garbage bags and out pops a beat-up Oscar parody.
  • Crank Call: In a call Terrence places to a doll-store posing as an assistant to Demi Moore, a poster is seen behind him for St. Tickle Me Elmo's Fire, with an Elmo parody wearing a graduation cap and a cigarette in his mouth.
  • Crank Call: In a "crank call" between an anti-fur protester named Robbie and a fur salonist, a coat made of Grover can be seen in the background.
  • Crank Call: At the beginning of Cammie's "crank call" for a house sitter from Season 3, a dark city alley had a graffiti art of Ernie and Bert parodies with machine guns with "R.I.P." on the bottom on them. Then it pans to a character beating up Oscar the Grouch. As soon as the character leaves, Oscar moans, quickly pulls out a tissue or handkerchief, and cries out loud.
  • Crank Call: In a season 3 crank call, Birchum volunteers to help a man hunt Bigfoot. In the background, there are 3 mounts in the background, one of which is Cookie Monster.
  • Crank Call: OCD Ken's "crank call" to a theater with the title of a show entitled "Bi-Bi-Birdie" with a picture of a Big Bird parody.
  • Crank Call: Two characters who debuted in the revival, Brad and Mork, have a bedroom modeled after Ernie and Bert's apartment.
  • Crank Call: In the November 13, 2019 episode, Demetri Martin, posing as an aspiring actor, does a Kermit impression.


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