Jim Henson, Dog and dog's perfomer Brian Henson.

Most of the Creatures created by Jim Henson's Creature Shop are performed on set with the puppeteers providing temporary dialog and the final on-screen voices being re-recorded and dubbed afterwards by voice actors or celebrities. For example, the character of Aughra was performed by Frank Oz on set, however Billie Whitelaw dubbed the character's voice for the final film. Few puppeteers (most notably Kevin Clash and Brian Henson) have provided the final on-screen voices of the characters they've puppeteered.

The Dark Crystal



The StoryTeller

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Aliens in the Family


  • The characters of SkekSo and SkekZok in The Dark Crystal were both were puppeteered by Jim Henson but long-time Muppet performer Jerry Nelson ended up providing the voices.
  • Frank Oz is well known for both puppeteering and voicing the non-Creature character of Yoda in the Star Wars films. The filmmakers originally intended to hire a voice actor to provide the voice of the character, however they grew to love Oz's temporary on-set vocals and were unable to find someone who could capture the rhythms and cadence of Oz's performance without the voice seeming detached and unnatural.

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