Creepy Connie 0712.jpg
PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1975

Creepy Connie is a witch who appears on Sesame Street in Episode 0712.

Named only in the script, Connie practices her craft in the woods. She uses her cauldron to prepare soup for a witch's buffet, a task she deems difficult enough to commit to making salad next time.

She's approached by Prince Charming, who returns to her after she previously turned him into a tree for not knowing the difference between more and less. Charming believes he's learned the lesson from Big Bird, but he fails to demonstrate the concepts, leading Connie to turn him into a bird.

He returns again with the help of some bags of birdseed, but a malfunction keeps him again from explaining more or less. Fed up with his continued failures, Connie turns him back into his princely self again, and tells him she never wants to hear about more or less from him again.

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