PERFORMER Steve Whitmire
DEBUT 1985

Crusty Doozer is an elderly Doozer who appears in the third season Fraggle Rock episode "The Cavern of Lost Dreams." Along with his companion Yeaster Doozer, Crusty is one of only two Doozers who remain from the original Doozer settlement, left to guard The Cavern of Lost Dreams while the others sought a new source of building material.

The pair are discovered by Cotterpin Doozer. Crusty is particularly suspicious of her "riding beast," Gobo Fraggle, and outraged when he eats part of a tower. After a struggle of wills, in which Cotterpin explains how the relationship between Doozers and Fraggles has evolved, Crusty and Yeaster are brought back and reintegrated into the Doozer community.

Crusty shows up in a new hard hat (but still with his beads) in the chorus of Doozers who are singing to Sprocket about the Doozer way of life in the episode "Sprocket's Big Adventure."