Released: Summer 2003

Articulation: Neck, ball jointed shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips

Accessories: Hat, three Lobster Banditos, three guns

This exclusive figure of the Swedish Chef was produced by Palisades Toys to be sold at the San Diego Comic Con and the Palisades Collectors Club.

This poor Chef is a victim of his own cooking. His face and clothes are all covered with food stains. He is a repainted version of the Chef that was included with the Swedish Kitchen Playset, with red stripes on his sleeves instead of blue ones. His hat is magnetic.

The Lobster Banditos each have different sized mustaches, claws and tails. Inside their claws is an iron structure, allowing them to be bent into different positions. The guns fit in their claws.

The Swedish Chef sketch with the Lobster Banditos was featured in The Muppet Show Episode 209. The Lobsters were originally planned to be part of the Swedish Kitchen Playset, but budget problems led to them being released with this exclusive instead.

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