Curb Your Enthusiasm is an HBO comedy starring Larry David, executive producer of Seinfeld, playing a fictional version of himself, his life following the successful series, and the odd situations he gets himself into, often due to his social awkwardness.


  • “The Nanny From Hell” (Season 3, episode 4): Martine, the nanny in the title, divulges she knows the secret about Susie Greene.
Martine: Hey congratulations!
Susie: Congratulations on what, dear?
Martine: (whispers) On the baby. Congratulations.
Susie: How did you know about that?
Martine: (motions to Larry) Big Bird told me.
  • “The Grand Opening” (Season 3, episode 10): Larry has inadvertently broken both thumbs of food critic Andy Portico. Now both his hands are in casts.
Portico: I look like a fuckin’ Muppet.
  • “The Lefty Call” (Season 6, episode 4): Larry and Richard Lewis (himself) argue over a couple wanting more children.
Richard: Who are you to them how many kids to have?
Larry: She’s got nine kids. C’mon, that’s plenty!
Richard: She wants more children!
Larry: How many does she need?”
Richard: Who the fuck are you, the Messiah? The Count?


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