PERFORMER Anthony Asbury
DEBUT 1996

Dad Tidbiddle is a guy who has lots of work to do and can't seem to find time with his family. So the Cat in the Hat sells him the Super Deluxe Simplifly Machine. But as time goes by he keep buying more and more parts to the machine. Eventurally his whole house is filled with this machine which is supposed to make his life simpler. At the end he finally realizes that work can wait and that he would enjoy more time to spend with his family.

He appeared in The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, in the episode "The Simplifier".


In the episode "The Guest" we see the Tidbiddle Family coming out of the hotel of Lake Mulloon. They aren't very happy by what they see so they leave. In this episode, Mom Tidbiddle calls Dad George.