PERFORMER Brian Hohlfeld voice
  Gord Robertson puppeteer
DEBUT 1985
DESIGN Michael Frith designer
  Ed Christie/Kay Stuntz head/body

Daddy Dodo is the head of the Dodo family, and Big Bird's foster father in Follow That Bird.

Well-meaning if eccentric, neither Daddy nor Mommy Dodo can truly provide Big Bird with the love and affection he needs, and both display a prejudice towards non-birds, such as Mr. Snuffleupagus. Daddy Dodo also exhibits an inability to operate riding lawnmowers, setting one loose in the yard, and a tendency towards exhaustion during the family's morning workout. He also insists that Big Bird's new name is "Big Dodo," which upsets Big Bird. He tries to force Big Bird to participate in the daily family activity of hunting worms, despite Big Bird's reluctance, a reluctance to which Daddy Dodo is oblivious. He drives a light blue Cadillac with the word "DODO" on the license plate.

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