Darryl Worbey is a leading UK based puppet designer/performer who first worked as a free-lance contributor to the London based Jim Henson's Creature Shop in 1986, when he was 19.

With an established background in both puppet operation, design and construction skills he worked closely with Jane Gootnick on the series Mother Goose Stories, Dinosaurs and many other creature effects projects both in London and in the USA for the organization until the late nineties.

In 1993 Darryl formed his own London based studio specializing in puppets, skins and animatronics for the entertainment industries . Notable creations have included the rebranding of British puppet icon "Basil Brush",The Leprechauns - Mister Sage , Mister Onion and Shamrock from BBC TV's "Live and Kicking" which were written and performed by puppeteers Don Austen, John Eccleston and Rebecca Nagan.



  • Whats Up Doc Animatronic Supervisor
  • Wolfit! Animatronic Supervisor

Darryl Worbey Studios

Beastie -Designer/ build

Love Soup - Puppeteer / builder

The Basil Brush Show -Puppet Supervisor and build

The Ministry of Mayhem - Puppet design

Live and Kicking - designer / builder "The Leprechauns"

Emylyn the Gremlyn - Puppet builder

The Ark - Puppet Design , build and performer

Time Keepers Of The Millenium - Puppet supervisor and build

Woolworths Campaign - Wolly and Worth Puppet build and supervision

Fierce Creatures - Puppeteer

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