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PERFORMER Chris Costa Dave
  Alex Weisman Frank
DEBUT 2021

Dave and Frank with daughter Mia.

Dave and Frank are Nina's brother and his husband, respectively. The couple are the parents of Mia. Since the family didn't live on Sesame Street at the time, they made their collective debut in Episode 5132 for a visit on Family Day. Dave and Frank help distract Big Bird to keep Granny Bird's visit a surprise.

The couple also keep in touch with Nina through video calls, as seen in Episode 5235 when they have a family picnic with Elmo. Dave and Nina maintain a friendly sibling rivalry as adults, arguing over who gets to be the blue beanbag in the traditional family beanbag toss, and he and Nina share memories of Abuela Sofia's pasta salad recipe. Frank's mother (referred to by Mia as Granny Franny) used to make tiny sandwiches. They moved to Sesame Street in season 53 and have made recurring appearances since.

Frank is Jewish, and Dave is Cuban. In Episode 5420, their daughter performs a show about their cultural traditions before a Shabbat dinner with ropa vieja.