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David Axlerod (b. 1937) is a writer and song lyricist who co-wrote songs for Sesame Street, Sesame Street Live, and albums (including the radio jingles on The Count Counts). He worked most frequently with Sam Pottle and wrote lyrics for most of the Sesame Street pageants.

Axlerod worked with Pottle on the 1964 stage musical Money, co-writing book and lyrics with Tom Whedon. He contributed lyrics and/or dialogue material to various stage revues, including the 1973 National Lampoon production Lemmings (with Paul Jacobs, Henry Beard, and others). He was a comedy writer for The Dick Cavett Show and wrote for two Mary Tyler Moore variety series and the children's series Hot Hero Sandwich (sharing a Daytime Emmy Award with Joseph A. Bailey, Bruce and Carole Hart, and others).