Dave Forman is a stunt man, actor, and costume performer who has played several suit roles in Jim Henson's Creature Shop productions, notably as Leonardo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He also served as a stunt performer for the human pirates in Muppet Treasure Island.

Born to an Irish father and a Malaysian mother, Forman represented England on the tumbling squad of the 1980 World Games. Soon after, he was introduced to Rick Baker, who hired him to play an ape in Greystoke. He filled much the same function on a 1991 Sherlock Holmes episode, "The Case of the Creeping Man" (working with Peter Elliott). Forman has also appeared, sans suit, in the films Nuns on the Run (with Robbie Coltrane), Empire State (with Martin Landau), and The Golden Compass.

Stunt credits include work on Spies Like Us, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Son of the Pink Panther, and The World Is Not Enough. He later served as fight arranger on Batman Begins, stunt coordinator for the new Doctor Who series, and assistant stunt coordinator on Game of Thrones.

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