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*''[[The Year of Roosevelt Franklin]]'' (1971)
*''[[The Year of Roosevelt Franklin]]'' (1971)
*[[Sesame Street Singles#rfdaysmmonths|Days of the Week/Mobity Mosely's Months]] (single, 1971)
*[[Sesame Street singles#rfdaysmmonths|Days of the Week/Mobity Mosely's Months]] (single, 1971)
*''[[Sunny Days Collection]]'' (2012)
*''[[Sunny Days Collection]]'' (2012)

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Music by Joe Raposo and Matt Robinson
Lyrics by Matt Robinson
Date 1970
Publisher Pickled Pigs Feet, Ltd.
First Episode 0072

"Days of the Week" is a Sesame Street song sung by Roosevelt Franklin.

Some kids are arguing about what the days of the week are, and Roosevelt Franklin shows up to tell them. He sings a song about what he does on every day of the week. Monday through Friday he goes to school, so he can learn his lessons and get smarter. Then on Saturday and Sunday he can play.


  • On the single version, the opening dialogue with the kids was omitted.


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