Tms dutch cover
Tms dvd 1 cover

De beste afleveringen van The Muppet Show: Komieken cover from 2007

This region 2 3-DVD set of The Muppet Show was produced by Bridge Entertainment in 2004, and exclusively available in The Netherlands.

De beste afleveringen van The Muppet Show: Komieken, Acteurs, Actrices (The Best Episodes of The Muppet Show: Comedians, Actors, Actresses) features twelve Muppet Show episodes deemed "the best" by the company, complete with UK Spots (but without original openings for the season 1 episodes).

Bridge Entertainment re-released them as single DVD editions in 2008.


Disc One: Comedians

Disc Two: Actors

Disc Three: Actresses

Subtitle Option: Dutch subtitles on/off


  • A second set featuring two DVDs for singers was produced the following year.
  • Though the cover of disc three claims to feature both Twiggy & Mary Roos, the Mary Roos clip does not appear on this release.