Release Date 1993
Produced by Video Emocion
Format VHS

Bodoque and Montoya go on a camping trip, and Bodoque learns to take good care of nature, and to not cut down every tree he sees, or drain the lake to catch the fish.


  • Willie Wimple: Littering
  • Plaza Sésamo film: Some kids set up a tent.
  • Plaza Sésamo cartoon: "Prohibido Fumar" -- An owl (voice of Jaime Vega) smokes a cigar in front of the other woodland animals.
  • Film: A poem about trees. (Underscore by Joe Raposo)
  • Grover finds a bird's nest in a tree.
  • Cartoon: A man plays his flute in the forest with a bird, until a construction crew clears the forest.
  • Anything Muppets sing "The Garden."
  • Plaza Sésamo film: waterfall
  • Willie Wimple: Water Pollution
  • Sesame Street Animal Films: Two bears play in the woods and in the river.
  • Willie Wimple: Tree Cutting
  • Plaza Sésamo film: Two kids observe some glaciers.
  • Film: Animal homes


  • The on-screen title during the program is "De Campamento".