Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 2003
Format CD
Label WSP
Cat no. CD16206

De Leukste Liedjes uit Sesamstraat (The Best Songs from Sesamstraat) featuring favorite songs from previously released albums.

Track listing

  1. Elmo Kan Vliegen (Elmo Can Fly) - Elmo
  2. Bert & Ernie Song - Bert & Ernie
  3. Twee Dikke Vriendjes (Two Dear Friends) - Pino And Ieniemienie
    Music and lyrics by Victor Alstef, Wim van den Hurk and Jorg Bryant
  4. Pluizig En Blauw (Fuzzy and Blue) - Grover and Cookie Monster (and Herry Monster)
  5. Ik Vergeet Het Nooit (I'll Never Forget The Day We First Met) - Forgetful Jones & Clementine
  6. Waarom Waarom Waarom (Why Why Why) - Bert & Ernie
  7. Ik Verloor M'n Koekie In De Disco (Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco) - Cookie Monster and Choir
    Music by Joe Raposo, Lyrics by Wim Povel
  8. Visje (Fishie) - Tommie
    Music by Harry Bannink, Lyrics by Theo Olthuis
  9. Lambaba - Count Von Count
  10. 'n Kuiken Is Geen Kip (A Chick Is Not A Chicken) - Frank
    Music by Harry Bannink, Lyrics by Hans Dorrestijn
  11. Het Tekenlied (The Drawing Song) - Bert & Ernie
  12. Arie Mijn Kanarie (Arie My Canary) - Lex
    Music by Harry Bannink, Lyrics by Bas Rompa
  13. Vind Je Me Aardig (Do You Like Me?) - Bert & Ernie
  14. Trots Op Mij (Proud of Me) - Grover
  15. Lekker Tappen Met Elmo (Happy Tappin' with Elmo) - Elmo
  16. W (The National Association of "W" Lovers) - Bert & Ernie
    Music by Joe Raposo, Lyrics by Ton Hasebos



  • Kids might not be able to recognize Pino's voice: nowadays, Pino is performed by Renée Menschaar.

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