Debbie McClellan and Steve Whitmire at DragonCon 2015

McClellan and Steve Whitmire at Dragon Con 2015.

Debbie McClellan and Steve Whitmire at MMW premiere

McClellan and Whitmire at the Muppets Most Wanted World Premiere.


McClellan with Kermit at an LA Clippers game on March 15, 2015.

Debbie McClellan served as the Vice President of The Muppets Studio and as producer on many Muppet projects with The Walt Disney Company. Prior to this role, McClellan was Director of Creative Affairs of The Muppets Studio.

Prior to her role at Disney, McClellan served as Vice President of Corporate Communications and Publicity for The Jim Henson Company. She continued to be a liaison between Disney, the Henson Company, the Henson family and The Jim Henson Legacy.

McClellan left the Walt Disney Company in May 2019.[1]


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