PERFORMER Richard Hunt
DEBUT 1987

Del Zivic is an eccentric puppeteer in the Puppetman pilot, played by Muppeteer Richard Hunt. He works with his friend Gary on the children's show Dragontime. Del's main puppet characters, Earl and Gertha, express different aspects of his personality. While Earl is jovial and easily endears himself to Gary's young son Zack, sarcastic Gertha delights in tormenting Rita, the conceited human lead of the show, deriding her alleged talent and musical background ("Yes, I ride in elevators").

Eventually, Rita walks off the set after a particularly nasty argument with Del/Gertha. Gary anxiously encourages Del to make up with her, and is later very shocked to see Rita and Gertha on the show together singing "You Are My Sunshine." Below the set, Del painfully yet valiantly manages to get through the number.

In the end, Rita generously congratulates Del on his performance. Del returns the compliment, but soon faces the ire of his own creation, who calls him a "two-faced worm."

Del is only referred to by first name in both the pilot and the shooting script. The last name "Zivic" was supplied by Karen Falk and the Henson Archives.