Dharma & Greg is a sitcom created by Chuck Lorre and Dottie Dartland. Airing on ABC from 1997 to 2002, the series focused on the odd-couple marriage of unfettered yoga instructor Dharma and conventional lawyer Greg.

Muppet Mentions

  • In the season 5 episode "It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's ... My Wife," Kitty hires a decorator to design Greg's office at his father's company. In one of the designs, a Kermit telephone is on Greg's desk. When the phone rings, Edward says, "Your frog's ringing."


  • Edward Asner played Earl Tucker in "How This Happened" (2001)
  • Dick Clark appeared as himself in three episodes (1998-2002)
  • Paul Dooley played Judge Harper in "Dharma & Greg on a Hot Tin Roof" (1999)
  • Thomas Gibson played Greg Montgomery
  • Lillian Hurst played Celia (1997-2001)
  • Mimi Kennedy played Abby O'Neil
  • k.d. lang appeared as herself in "The Trouble with Troubador " and "Hell to the Chief" (2000)
  • Jessica Lundy played Patty in "The House That Dharma Built" 1998)
  • Raymond Ma played Professor Wong in "THe Best Laid Plans" (2000) and "The End of the Innocence, Part 2" (2001)
  • Stuart Pankin played Rabbi Mutchnik in "Turn, Turn, Turn" (1998) and Mr. Gottlieb in two 2001 episodes
  • Penn and Teller played, respectively, a pimp and Mr. Boots in "The Cat's Outta the Bag" (1998)
  • Bill Prady wrote 55 episodes
  • Yeardley Smith played Marlene
  • Kevin Sorbo played Charlie in four episodes (2001)
  • Florence Stanley played Rose Hoffman in "The Parent Trap" (2002)
  • Ellis E. Williams played Al in "Hell to the Chief" (2000)
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