Diana Halprin (1944-1999) was a violinist who performed on the Sesame Street album Big Bird Discovers the Orchestra. Along with Harry Cykman, she played for Victor Vivaldi in Mr. Maestro's orchestra.

Halprin played violin from early childhood, including with the Philadelphia Orchestra at age 7. Professionally, she was part of the orchestra for the New York Opera and for Broadway shows including Shenandoah (1974), where she met Cykman who became a friend and mentor.

Much of her career was spent as a session musician, including commercial jingles. Film soundtracks included The Wiz, Fame, the 1989 version of The Punisher, A Walk in the Clouds, and Independence Day. On albums, she backed Chet Baker, Frank Sinatra (on Duets), Kenny Rogers, and Luis Miguel. Beginning in 1986, she played violin with the Orange County Chamber Orchestra, becoming concertmaster and, in 1994, taking over as musical director until 1997 (when she was diagnosed with cancer).

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