Premiere October 2, 1993
Network ARD
Seasons 4
Episodes 65

"Ich Bin Das Baby" music video

Die Dinos is the German dub of Dinosaurs, which debuted on ARD in 1993. Re-runs aired on the Super RTL network, and since September 2006, the series has been running on the cable network "kabel eins."


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All four seasons were dubbed, and re-titled in German. Some were literal translations of the English titles, but many more directly reflected the episode's plot or content. For example, "Nature Calls," in which Baby Sinclair undergoes toilet training, was renamed "Mach's richtig, Baby!" (literally, "Do It Right, Baby!")

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In the mid-to-late 1990s several episodes were released on VHS in German. On December 1, 2014, the complete show was released on a 9-disc DVD box-set by Capelight Pictures (AL!VE). Special features are identical to the two-part US-release, including audio commentary for select episodes, a making-of, featurettes and hidden easter eggs for more bonus content. The video track of the episodes is the exclusively German track from the initial ARD/WDR network broadcast, including the original German title cards (later broadcasts featured a new version as seen at the top of this page) and on-screen signs in German. In 2017, a single DVD was released, containing the first season (consisting of all five season one episodes, and one season two episode).

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