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Die Fraggles
A Fraggle Rock co-production
Country Germany
First aired November 12, 1983
Last aired
Network ZDF

Doc and Sprocket in their southern German workshop.

Die Fraggles complete DVD box set (2018).

Uncle Traveling Matt exploring the northern Alps.


Traveling Matt biking through Munich.

Jim Henson on the German set.

Beginning frame of the show's closing credits.


Die Fraggles German Opening

German opening.

Die Fraggles is the German co-production of Fraggle Rock.


The segments within the Muppet world of Fraggle Rock were the same as the North American version, but dubbed with German voice actors. The segments from outer space (i.e. the Doc and Sprocket and Traveling Matt segments) were changed to fit the German audience and filmed at FSM-Studios in Munich.

The German wraparounds copied the North American Doc's set and script word-for-word (except in German), whereas the British and French co-productions were generally different. 85 of the 96 episodes were co-produced.

Steve Whitmire talked about his experiences on the set with Hans-Helmut Dickow to Duncan Kenworthy in the Fraggle Rock Season Two DVD Interviews segment titled "Docs And Sprockets".

All of the Fraggles' voice actors reprised their roles for the German dub of the animated version of Die Fraggles.

In 2021, a German dub of the original North American version was released on Apple TV+.

Video releases

For a detailed list, see Die Fraggles Videography.

After a slow start during which the first half of the first season was released on DVD four times between 2008 and 2010 (slightly repackaged), the entire 85 episode run of the show was finally made commercially available for the first time on December 10, 2010, and issued in a complete box set in 2011.

A reissue of the complete series was released in 2018, for the first time donning the Jim Henson Company logo.

Unproduced episodes

The following eleven episodes were not adapted in the German co-production:


Character Translations and Voices

English Name German Name German Voice Actor
Gobo Fraggle Fred Maire
(speaking, sometimes singing)
Eberhard Storeck
(sometimes singing)
Wembley Fraggle Mogens von Gadow
Red Fraggle Christa Häussler
Boober Fraggle Donald Arthur
Mokey Fraggle Sabine Plessner
Uncle Traveling Matt Onkel Matt Leo Bardischewski
Junior Gorg Willi Röbke
Pa Gorg Herbert Weicker
Ma Gorg
(early seasons)

(later seasons)
Marianne Paar
Mady Rahl
Marjory the Trash Heap

Marjorie, die
allwissende Müllhalde (singing)

Alice Franz
Philo Oliver Grimm
Gunge Gungo Eberhard Storeck
Cotterpin Doozer Inez Günther
Architect Doozer Architekt Paul Bürks
Ned Shimmelfinney Herr Kümmelgroller No dialog
Fluffinella Flippinulla No dialog
The World's Oldest Fraggle Weltältester Fraggle Peter Capell
Heini Göbel
Storyteller Fraggle Geschichtenerzählerin Fee von Reichlin
Cantus Manfred Lichtenfeld
Heini Göbel
Marlon Fraggle Werner Abrolat
Convincing John Überzeugungs John Unknown
Wander McMooch Christian Marschall
Mavis the Mirror Marvis der Spiegel Marianne Wischmann (speaking)
Fraggle Rock Fraggle Felsen Location


Behind the scenes

Apple TV+ dub

Apple TV+ released a dub of the complete original North American series in 2021.


Dubbing credits
Studio: FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron Gmbh

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