Die Fraggles is the German language translation of the Fraggle Rock comic book, published on a monthly basis.

The magazine series ran from 1985 to 1986 to coincide with the broadcast of Die Fraggles, publishing 7 issues in total. The stories were illustrated by Marie Severin.

The comic magazine was published by Condor Verlag GmbH, which also published the Sesamstraße magazine during this time, and later became Interpart, the company responsible for the Die Muppet Babies comic magazine.

The title story from issue #1 is also reissued as a bonus comic in Die Muppet Babies "Comic-Super-Album" #1 — a special cross-promotion issue published to transition from Fraggles to Muppet Babies. Later "Comic-Super-Albums" featured Ewoks comics, among others.

As is common in Europe, the comic book was available at any store that sells magazines, including grocery stores.

Special issue


Die Fraggles

Publisher: Condor Verlag GmbH, Berlin
V.P.: Norbert Langner
Publishing Manager: Peter Glenzer
Editor in Chief: Wolfgang M. Biehler
Editors: Harald Seemann, Robert Mann, Dr. Klaus Strzyz, Helga Biehler
Production Manager: Klaus Jarmer
Copyright: Marvel Comics Group, New York
Character Copyright: Henson Associates, Inc.
Advertising Manager: Peter Glenzer
Print: Biehler Production, Hamburg
Distribution: VU Verlagsunion Zeitschriftenvertrieb
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