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Die Muppets feiern Weihnacht ("The Muppets Celebrate Christmas") is the German dub of A Muppet Family Christmas. The dub first aired on December 23, 1990 on ZDF. The special was one of the last projects to use substantially the same voices as Die Muppet Show, although Andreas von der Meden of Sesamstrasse dubbed Kermit.

All of the musical numbers are fully dubbed, with the exception of the closing medley. Among other dubbing oddities, both Big Bird (throughout the special) and the Count (when singing) are voiced by women. Big Bird's voice artist is the same person, that is voicing him in Die große Muppet-Party.

The special was released under the title Die Muppets feiern Weihnachten (both German spellings are technically correct) on home video in PAL format on November 1, 2000, under the Sony label.


  • A brief segment (5 seconds) where Fozzie Bear and Elmo light the Christmas tree only appears in the original English version from 1987.
  • A scene with Fozzie and Ma Bear hanging stockings right after the carol sing (16 seconds) also only appears in the original English version from 1987. In the scene, Ma Bear hangs Fozzie's stocking on the fireplace, which embarrasses her son a little.



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