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Released 1979
Format LP
Label Sesame Street Records
Cat no. CTW 79009

Dinah! I've Got a Song is a Sesame Street album featuring Dinah Shore. The album opens with her greeting the Sesame Street cast, and telling them that she's got a song for everything. The rest of the album features her singing duets (and a couple of group songs) with different cast members.

This album includes partial lyrics to all of the songs, and they are presented in an interesting way. On the inside of the gatefold cover, there are 10 die-cut pictures that look like sheet music covers. When a person (carefully) separates each picture's three perforated edges, the "sheet music covers" fold open to reveal the written lyrics.

Although the actual front cover title is Dinah! Pays a Visit to Sesame Street, under which is I've Got a Song, the spine and label say Dinah! I've Got a Song.

Unusually for Sesame Street albums of this type, not only does Dinah Shore's name not appear in the section listing the cast and credits, but she is only listed by her first name on the songs she sings.

Track listing

Side One

  1. I've Got a Song - Dinah Shore with Big Bird, Oscar, Grover, Bert, Cookie Monster, and The Count
    (Bonnie Sanders-Jack Orr)
  2. Makin' Music - Dinah and Grover
    (Norman L. Martin-Steve Cagan)
  3. Junk - Dinah and Oscar
    (Norman L. Martin-Artie Butler)
  4. Nothin' to Do - Dinah and Herry
    (Bonnie Sanders-Susan Green-Norman L. Martin)
  5. A Song to Munch Cookies By - Dinah and Cookie Monster, with Guy Smiley
    (Norman L. Martin-Artie Butler)

Side Two

  1. Beautiful Day - Dinah with Ernie and Bert
    (Norman L. Martin-Steve Cagan)
  2. I Like Myself - Dinah and Big Bird
    (Norman L. Martin-Lee Pockriss)
  3. Monsters Can Be Unhappy - Dinah with Grover, Big Bird and Ernie
    (Norman L. Martin-Artie Butler)
  4. Blue Skies, Apple Pie - Dinah with Cookie Monster
    (Bonnie Sanders-Gail Wynters)
  5. Numbers - Dinah and The Count
    (Norman L. Martin)

Other releases

  • C 79009 (Sesame Street cassette)
  • 8T-79009 (Sesame Street 8-track)


With Claudia Cagan, Elinor Frye, Yvonne Lewis, Melissa Mackay, Melissa Manchester, Myrna Matthews, Marti McCall, Arnold McCuller and Maeretha Stewart


  • Produced by Norman Martin and Steve Cagan
  • Musical Arrangements by Harry Betts and Steve Cagan
  • Dialogue by Norman Stiles
  • Engineering by Dennis Sands, Paul Dobbe and Fred Christie
  • Sound effects by Ray Erlenborn and Dick Burns
  • Art Director: Robert Pierce
  • Cover photography by Harry Langdon and Bill House
  • Album jacket conceived by Penny Ekstein
  • Special thanks to Jim Timmens and Henry Jaffe

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