Dinner: Impossible is a show on The Food Network.

On the October 21, 2009 episode Sesame Street Scramble, the show celebrates Sesame Street’s 40th Anniversary in Sesame Place. Sonia Manzano (playing Maria), Elmo and Cookie Monster help host Robert Irvine prepare a dish.

The team is challenged with preparing foods that start with the letter B (who also appears, voiced by Carmen Osbahr, at the beginning of the episode) for 250 of the park's guests. Elmo and Cookie Monster try to help in the kitchen, but after Cookie tries to chop lettuce with a karate chop, the monsters are "banished" from the kitchen. Later they try to get Irvine to make some food in certain shapes. Irvine is trying to beat a deadline and asks why they're trying to make his job so difficult. When he threatens Cookie and Elmo with a cucumber, Cookie protects Elmo and says, "Me take a bullet for you, Elmo!"

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