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Dinner Theatre is a food-themed successor to Monsterpiece Theater, introduced in Sesame Street Season 37. The series parodies plays and films to stress the importance of mealtime and healthy eating habits.

Nearly every segment stars the same four Anything Muppets: an Orange Gold dad (Martin P. Robinson), a Large Lavender mother (Fran Brill), a Fat Blue daughter (Leslie Carrara-Rudolph), and a Green son (Joey Mazzarino). One segment features a Pumpkin uncle (Eric Jacobson) and a Magenta cousin (Jennifer Barnhart).

The Shalom Sesame video, "It's Passover, Grover!", features a similar segment where an Anything Muppet family stars in a matzoh-related parody of Les Misérables.


Picture First Appearance Description
Episode 4111 Omelet: Prince of Dinner
Omelet faces the dilemma of choosing between broccoli and peas at the dinner table, much to the chagrin of his impatient family.

Written by Tony Geiss.

Episode 4117 Man of La Muncha
A child named Donny (performed by Tyler Bunch) sings about eating an "incredible meal" with his family.

Song: "The Incredible Meal" by Stephen Lawrence and Joey Mazzarino

Episode 4119 Guess What We're Having for Dinner
On pot roast night, a girl encourages her family to try new foods and introduces them to the rutabaga.
Episode 4130 Veg Side Story
A child named Tony is reluctant to eat zucchini at the dinner table, until trying it and bursting into a parody of the song "Maria" from West Side Story.

Song: "Zucchini" by Stephen Lawrence and Joey Mazzarino

Episode 4139 South Potato
A family agrees that "There is Nothing Like Potato."

Song: "There is Nothing Like Potato" by Mike Renzi and Judy Freudberg

Episode 4155 Annie Get Your Gumbo
Annie prepares the gumbo as she and her family sing "There's No Dinners Like Family Dinners."

Song: "There’s No Dinners Like Family Dinners" by Mike Renzi and Luis Santeiro

Episode 4157 Pear
A hippie father prepares his family a series of pear dishes, and they all sing in praise of the green fruit. They are joined at the end by a talking hipster pear who was delayed on his way to Woodstock.

Song: "Pear" by Stephen Lawrence and Annie Evans

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