PERFORMER Mel Blanc voice
DEBUT 1994

Dino is the pet dinosaur in The Flintstones and as a puppy in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. Adapted from the character on the original series, Dino essentially behaves like a domesticated dog, eagerly barking and leaping on his master, Fred.

Dino was designed by Jamie Courtier and built by Chris Barton for the first film. Though a full-body Dino costume was constructed, and performed by David Forman, the producers were dissatisfied and most of those shots were replaced with a CG Dino supplied by Industrial Light & Magic. Instead, a hand puppet Dino head and a rig combining head and arms were used for close-ups and dialogue shots, intercut with the CG Dino. One of the more notable scenes using the puppet is the recreation of The Flintstones theme, with Dino popping out of the roof. Anthony Asbury served as lead puppeteer.

For The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, the smaller Puppy Dino received more screen-time as a Creature Shop puppet, in both full-body shots and in close-ups (notably the wedding finale). David Alan Barclay served as lead puppeteer. In both films, the various barks, yelps, and other sounds were taken from Mel Blanc's vocals in the original series soundtrack,