PERFORMER Kevin Clash face
  Michelan Sisti body
  Harold Gould voice
DEBUT 1991
PATTERN Turtlepuss

The Dinosaur Chief appeared in the Dinosaurs episode "Hurling Day". In the year 61,00,003 BC (on a Thursday), the aging tribal leader announces his reluctance to be a burden on the rest of the herd. He declared that every dinosaur, upon reaching their 72nd birthday, should be hurled into a tar-pit. Thus Hurling Day was born. When asked if guys could use Hurling Day as an excuse to get rid of their mother-in-laws, the chief sagely replied, "Sure, why not?"

Though identified only as "Dinosaur Chief" in the credits, Ethyl Phillips claims that this wise dinosaur was Bob LaBrea, indicating that Robbie's high school was named in his honor.


  • His name is a reference to the La Brea Tar Pits in California.
  • He is the only dinosaur character on the show to have hair (a long beard).

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