Dinosaur TV is the name given to the recurring television segments presented as shows-within-a-show on Dinosaurs. Television plays a crucial role in the dinosaur culture, as Earl Sinclair is an avid couch potato. Several episodes directly revolve around the influence of television or the fate of the appliance itself.

Brian Henson discussed the rigors of the TV segments in the book No Strings Attached:

We had 17 fully animatronic characters in complete costumes, probably twice as articulate and expressive as the Turtles. And within the show we had "Dinosaur TV," that featured an entire cast of animatronic hand puppets. In effect, we had two shows, both too ambitious for TV, in the same program.

The following is an attempt to track the viewing possibilities which are available in Pangaea.

Regular Programming

Picture Program Title Episode Description
DNN DNN Most episodes Spoof of CNN, hosted by Howard Handupme.
Askmrlizard Ask Mr. Lizard Various episodes, from "Episode 201: The Golden Child" onward Science series, it is a spoof of Watch Mr. Wizard. In each episode, the genial Mr. Lizard has his young assistant Timmy performing dangerous experiments.
DTV DTV Various episodes Spoof of MTV.
Tricera-Cops "Nature Calls" and "Network Genius" Police Series spoofing COPS.

One-Time Appearances

Picture Program Title Episode Description
Raptile Raptile "Hurling Day" News series, seen as a promo. Hosted by Howard Handupme, the featured episode looks at "Cross-Eaters," and interviews a dinosaur who is "a herbivore trapped in a carnivore's body." Airs on TV 3 at 4pm.
Mrugh Mr. Ugh "Hurling Day" Sitcom, spoof of Mister Ed. Seen as a promo, also airs on TV3 at 4pm, suggesting a rotating daily schedule.
Discountcharlies Discount Charlie's "The Howling" Commercial for Discount Charlie's appliance dealer. In honor of the expected end of the world, Charlie is slashing prices and dealing like there's no tomorrow. Spoofs Crazy Eddie commercials.
Funniesthomeinjuries Pangeas Funniest Home Injuries "Family Challenge" Spoof of America's Funniest Home Videos, hosted by Rex Taggis
Familychallenge-logo The Family Challenge "Family Challenge" Game show.
Way Too Complicated "Charlene's Tale" An ABC Fall "high concept" sitcom about a dinosaur who marries a ghost, amongst other elements.
Love Confession "How to Pick Up Girls" A parody of Love Connection, hosted by a dinosaur named Chuck. In the episode shown, Sandra talks to Chuck about her date with Bob. Sandra has nothing but negative things to say about the date, which leads Bob to hang himself in the middle of the program.
Dirty Dare "Fran Live" Spoof of the Nickelodeon series Double Dare.
Frankdino Just Listenin' with Frank "Fran Live" Call-in show, hosted by Frank. Fran Sinclair calls in to suggest actual advice be given, leading to a format change, as Just Advice with Fran. By episode's end, the series is revamped yet again, as Just Throwin' with Frank.
The Afterlife Show "The Last Temptation of Ethyl" A show about the afterlife, but is really to swindle people out of their money for monetary gain.
Totally Hidden Predator "Slave to Fashion" A Totally Hidden Video spoof, only one in which victims are not just surprised, but devoured.
302-ineffectual dad
Totally Ineffectual Dad "Dirty Dancin'" A sitcom about a father who ignores his sons problems, despite his wife trying to get him involved.
Don't Lift That Heavy Object "Baby Talk" A hidden camera show featuring unsuspecting victims who lift heavy objects. Has the honor of being the first television show to use the expletive "smoo".
The Smoo Show "Baby Talk" A series devoted to saying the expletive "smoo."
The Flark Show "Baby Talk" A series devoted to saying the expletive "flark."
Shouting Match "Baby Talk" A debate series, though due to new laws ends up consisting of such topics as flowers, which the debaters choose to agree on their views.
House Full of Dads "Network Genius" See title. Tested poorly. (A spoof of My Two Dads and Full House)
Info 411 "Network Genius" A show where viewers call in needing information. (A spoof of Rescue 911)
Baby Cuddlebunny, M.D. "Network Genius" Originally meant to be titled Dr. Kirk Marcus, M.D., but due to Earl's liking of one of the show's patients, Baby Cuddlebunny, the show's title was changed, with Baby Cuddlebunny being the show's doctor and star. A parody of Doogie Howser, M.D..
The Happy Colors Show in Color "Network Genius" See title.
Box Full of Puppies "Network Genius" See title
Pangaea Hills, Dino210 "Network Genius" Spoof of Beverly Hills, 90210
Network genius
Full Spectrum "Network Genius" A show that talks about current events.
Economics Hoe-Down "Network Genius" A spoof of Hee Haw.
Living on Love "Green Card" A series about a large family who lives without a father or money.
Channel 63s Leap to the Stars "Charlene and her Amazing Humans" A stunt show.
50-Foot Vegetable Theater "Monster Under the Bed" A program that shows scary movies starring Dr. Fiend and his assistant Igor, who turn various vegetables, including a squash and a mushroom, into monsters.
The Captain Impressive Action Fun Hour "Earl, Don't Be a Hero" A series starring Earl's superhero identity, Captain Impressive, which is broadcast on the Dino-Shopping Channel. Produced by WESAYSO in an attempt to sell merchandise to children.
Livin in a House! "The Greatest Story Ever Sold" ABC sitcom.
Dinosaur Football League "Into the Woods" Also known as DFL. (A spoof of NFL)
60,000,000 Minutes "Scent of a Reptile" A parody of 60 Minutes.
The Rich Ones "Life in the Faust Lane" A soap opera on a couple who is rich.
Lifestyle of Those We Envy "Life in the Faust Lane" A parody of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.
The Georgie Show "Georgie Must Die" A children show hosted by Georgie, a talking hippopotamus. Georgie also has his own video collection. (A spoof of Barney & Friends)

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