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Written by Jack Clement
Date 1967
Source Johnny Cash: Everybody Loves a Nut
Publisher Universal Songs of Polygram Intl. Inc.

"Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog" is a Johnny Cash song that he first recorded for his 1967 album, Everybody Loves a Nut, and later in a live concert version for his 1968 album At Folsom Prison. It was written by Jack Clement, a longtime collaborator of Cash's dating back to his time with Sun Records in the 1950s.

Cash performs the song with Lubbock Lou and his Jughuggers in episode 521 of The Muppet Show. Rowlf the Dog insists on accompanying him on piano, and ends up offended by the content despite Cash's warning, with Cash continually having to reassure him that it's all in fun.