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Active February 1, 2008 to
September 17, 2011
Type official website
Creator The Walt Disney Company

The Muppets' Stage

Disney Xtreme Digital (also known as DxD, not to be confused with the Disney XD TV channel) was an online network on that showcased exclusive Disney content such as videos and music. It allowed registered users to create their own personalize "channels", collect "D-points", and participate in specialized social-networking features with other users. The Muppets launched their own official Disney Xtreme Digital channels located at in February 2008.

The Muppet channels featured newly created web-exclusive video clips, games, polls and other gadgets. Character pages and channels include "The Muppets' Stage", "Kermit's Pad", "Miss Piggy's Dressing Room", "Fozzie's Comedy Club", "Gonzo's Stunt Show", "Pepe's King Prawn Place", and "Animal's Rockin' Room". In addition to these characters, Statler and Waldorf, Rizzo the Rat, the Rats, Beauregard, The Swedish Chef, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, and Bobo the Bear have made appearances through other videos.

The main focus of the site is on the collection of newly created video sketches produced exclusively for the DxD site. The site launched on February 1, 2008 with a collection of 10 original videos and new videos have been added weekly since. As of January 2009, there are over 100 original videos.

The initial round of videos were written by Jim Lewis and Kirk Thatcher and were directed by Bill Barretta. Jim Lewis comment on the making of the videos stating:

β€œThe goal is to provide maximum entertainment, to give new and old friends a taste of what the Muppets are all about. I personally think this is a fantastic venue for the Muppets. It's a self-contained environment. Like a sketch on a variety show (for those old enough to remember variety shows), it serves no purpose but to entertain! Here the Muppets can truly be themselves. They just do what they do when they think you’re not looking. That's been a boon to my co-writer, Kirk Thatcher, and I, but also to the performers who worked on this first round of spots. They could play and explore the characters’ personae without having to carry a story or make a certain statement.[1]”

Steve Whitmire commented on the production of the videos in a 2008 interview stating:

β€œI love that stuff. That was kind of the first indication to me that we were in a good place with Disney. All of the sudden, we were doing that kind of stuff, those short little bits. It's a great way to reintroduce the Muppets to people who don't know them.[2]”

In 2008, was nominated for "Outstanding Short Form Entertainment" in the first and only ceremony of the Global Media Awards.[3]

In February 2011 the site received a slight design overhaul, the Disney Xtreme Digital features (channels and D-points) were removed and it reverted back to The site was further made available internationally again, apart from the regionally restricted games section.

In May 2011, the site opened up with trailers for The Muppets.

Character pages

Exclusive videos

Videos are viewable from the main video player on the site, as well as the "videos" section.

Muppet Moments

Picture Title Description
Never Had A Lesson - Part 1
Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear and Gonzo dance on stage.
Never Had A Lesson - Part 2
Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear and Gonzo continue to dance on stage.
Rats on Broadway
Rizzo the Rat performs scat on a hot tin roof.
By the Light of the Silvery Moon
Two penguins and two chickens perform "By the Light of the Silvery Moon"
Statler & Waldorf Online
Statler and Waldorf attempt to surf the
Turning On Your Computer
Statler and Waldorf have trouble with their new web-cam, Fozzie Bear suggests they try turning their computer
Animal's stomach speaks up.
Muppets-com61.png has new stuff!
Rizzo the Rat introduces some of the new features on
Today Is Your Birthday!
A chicken lays an egg... and a surprise.

Secret Elevator Tapes

Picture Title Description
We Need to Talk
Piggy is worried because there is no problem with her and Kermit's relationship, so she makes one up in front of the paparazzi that's waiting outside the elevator.
Fozzie's Comedy Cavalcade
Fozzie practices his routine.
The Swedish Chef, Beaker, and Animal have a conversation in the elevator.
The Secret
Gonzo shares a secret with Pepe about Rizzo. Everything goes great until Rizzo himself gets into the elevator.
What Floor?
Going Up?
Gonzo's Saftey Tips
Gonzo cuts the elevator cable and sends Kermit in the elevator for freefall.
Wocka Wocka This Way
Pepe and Kermit don't think Fozzie's new joke is funny.
Four for Friday
Fozzie, Beaker, the Swedish Chef, and Kermit get ready for "Catchphrase Friday".
Pepe's Elevator Bingo!
Pepe has an idea to make the elevator more fun. Gonzo loves his idea, but he ends up with all of Fozzie's stuff.
Show Biz Ups & Downs
Pepe bumps into Topo Sticky in the elevator only to learn that his puppet act has taken on a puppet act of his own: Topo Pepe.
Battle Hymn of the Elevator
Kermit hums a song in the elevator. Fozzie, Gonzo, and Pepe begin to hum along. The four form a marching band.
Why Can't We Be Friends?
Gonzo wants to talk to Miss Piggy. Piggy doesn't feel like returning the favor.
Up with Pepe
Pepe gets stuck in the elevator on his way to a meeting, and Rizzo has a plan to make the elevator go faster. They both end up with chipmunk voices.
Going My Way
Gonzo is standing on the right side on the elevator and asks Kermit to push the "right" button, which makes the elevator go right and pushes Kermit to the left side of the elevator.
Gonzo's Delicate Condition
Gonzo is talking to his doctor about this extremely contagious disease he has when Kermit enters the elevator. When Gonzo notices him he gives him a pat on the back, accidentally giving him the
Whistling Kermit
Kermit the Frog is caught whistling in the elevator.

Drive-Thru Videos

Picture Title Description
Stand-Up Drive Thru
Fozzie Bear drives through the Bigger Burger" drive-thru where he tries out some jokes on the drive-thru attendant (voiced by Bill Barretta).
Pepe @ the Drive Thru
Pepe the King Prawn takes a walk through the "Tropical Taco" drive-thru where the attendant (voiced by Eric Jacobson) tries to get his order down.
Miss Piggy @ the Drive Thru
Miss Piggy has her driver Maurice stop at the Bigger Burger" drive-thru where the attendant (voiced by Bill Barretta) talks her into super-sizing her order.

Muppet Labs Tech Support

Picture Title Description
Why... This... Takes... So...... Long.
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker explain why the web is so slow.
The World Wide Waiting Game
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker give some advice on things to do while you wait for your Internet connection to load.
A Keyboard Tutorial
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker show the uses of some of the keys on your keyboard - including the delete key, space bar, the F14 key, Caps lock, and the ever-useful return key.
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker discuss some of the new features on

VerminVision (TM)

Picture Title Description
Rizzo's Rat-Cam - Part 1
Rizzo the Rat's hidden camera catches Miss Piggy in her dressing room.
Rizzo's Rat-Cam - Part 2
Rizzo the Rat's hidden camera catches Miss Piggy in her dressing room; but Piggy soon catches Rizzo.
"The Big Sleep"
Rizzo the Rat's hidden camera catches Statler and Waldorf sleeping backstage.

What's a Whatnot?

Picture Title Description
Muppet News Flash
In a special Muppet News Flash, the Newsman reports on hail stones the size and shape of chickens (resulting in a batch of Muppet chickens falling on him). He goes on to report on the Muppet Whatnot invasion at FAO Schwarz.
Not What, but Whatnot
Kermit the Frog, dressed as a reporter, asks people on the street of New York City about whatnots.
No One is Bigger than Miss Piggy
Kermit the Frog explains the Whatnot Workshop, explaining that the whatnots are probably the most important part of the Muppets. Miss Piggy, (thinking "Kermie" was talking about her) rushes up. Kermit clarifies, and yet indirectly insults her by saying that "No one is bigger than her.", resulting in a karate-chop to the stomach. The video was also posted online at
Pepe Gets Distracted
Pepe the King Prawn talks to people on the street about the new Whatnot Workshop. Video includes a cameo by Loni Dunne.
Bunsen Creates a Whatnot
In a parody of Frankenstein, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker bring a Whatnot to life.
Why Not a Whatnot?
Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear discuss what a Whatnot is.

Better Living with Bobo the Bear

Picture Title Description
Workout with Bobo
Bobo the Bear teaches the buddy system while working out. Beauregard is his buddy, and they demonstrate weight lifting. Since there are no weights, Beauregard lifts Bobo.
Extreme Makeover; Bear Edition
Bobo the Bear gets a makeover from his friend Beauregard.
Grooming with Bobo
Beauregard helps Bobo remove "unsightly hares."


Picture Title Description
New Stuff on, okay?
Pepe the King Prawn promotes all the new features on
Hi ho! Kermit the Frog Here
Kermit the Frog shares his catch phrase from all over.
It's A Frog Thing...
Kermit the Frog makes some frog jokes with little response from Gonzo.
Kermit's Big Finish
Kermit the Frog attempts to introduce his big Finnish, however there is a big Swedish objection.
Happy New Years
Kermit the Frog attempts to wish viewers a happy New Years, only to be interrupted by a rat from legal.

Kermit's Frog Blog

Picture Title Description
My First Video Blog...Sort of.
Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear and Gonzo try to set up Kermit's webcam.
Kermit Tells All
Kermit the Frog attempts to tell the details of what the Muppets are up to but is interrupted by Miss Piggy.
Pepe Takes Over Kermit's Blog
Pepe the King Prawn takes over Kermit the Frog's web blog.
Kermit's Blog
Fozzie Bear stops by to watch Kermit the Frog fill time on his blog.

Kermit's Impressions

Picture Title Description
Take One!
Kermit the Frog does his impression of Jaws.
Take Two!
Kermit the Frog does an impression of a pickled frog.
Take Three!
Kermit the Frog does an impression of himself as a balloon in the Thanksgiving parade.
Take Four!
Kermit the Frog does his impression of Pac-Man.
Take Five!
Kermit the Frog does his impression of dinner time in the swamp (which is quite similar to his Pac-Man).
Take Six!
Kermit the Frog does his impression of a computer screensaver.
Take Seven!
Kermit the Frog does his impression of Alfred Hitchcock by hunching down and delivering a breathy "Good evening."

A Kissy-Kissy Production

Picture Title Description
When Piggy Met Kermie
Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog get wild on the web.
Moi's Workout
Miss Piggy demonstrates her workout routine.
Miss Piggy's Acting Class
Miss Piggy gives some acting tips.

Miss Piggy's MOI-zersize

Picture Title Description
A Moi-tivating Fitness Regimen
Miss Piggy shows how to motivate yourself during a workout - chocolate!
Taking the Work out of Workouts
Miss Piggy shows how you can look more like her.
Cool Down! Chill Out!
Miss Piggy shows the best place to cool down after a workout - the refrigerator.

Moi's Thought for the Day

Picture Title Description
Miss Piggy on Procrastination
Miss Piggy on Success
Miss Piggy on a Job Well Done
Miss Piggy on the Best Things in Life
Miss Piggy on Healthy Eating

Miss Piggy's Diva Blog

Picture Title Description
To Have & Have More
Your Online Air Kiss

Fozzie's Joke File

Picture Title Description
The One About the Chicken
Fozzie Bear shares a joke about chickens.
The One About the Duck
Fozzie Bear shares a joke about a duck.
The One About the Elephant
Fozzie Bear shares a joke about an elephant.
Cheap Jokes!
Fozzie Bear tells some cheap Internet-themed jokes.

Fozzie School of Comedy

Picture Title Description
Shtick 101
Fozzie Bear explains the basics of comedy shtick.
Props for Beginners
Fozzie Bear explains the basics of comedy shtick.
The Fozzie & You Show - Rehearsal
Fozzie Bear teaches viewers a comedy act that they can perform with Fozzie himself, through onscreen prompts and pauses. A similar act was created for the Hey, You're as Funny as Fozzie Bear play-along video.
The Fozzie & You Show - SHOWTIME!
The viewer is able to perform their rehearsed show with Fozzie without the coaching and prompts.

The Weird World of Gonzo

Picture Title Description
Dancin' With Danger
Gonzo tap-dances on tapioca pudding and thumbtacks.
Keeping Your Internet Green
Gonzo helps clean up the web.
Intermural Skydiving
Gonzo explains the ins and outs of skydiving only to discover he forgot his parachute.
Me and the Alligator
Gonzo explains how to butter an alligator with the help of Pickles.
Higher Consciousness
Gonzo teaches how to reach the top.
Are you Feeling Weird?
Gonzo speaks to the viewer as a therapist.

The Gonzo Interviews

Picture Title Description
My First Stunt
Gonzo talks about his first stunt.
My Scariest Moment
Gonzo talks about his scariest moment -- messing with the IRS.
How I Met Rizzo
Gonzo calls on Rizzo to help him remember how the two met -- turns out it was at a cheese tasting in Philadelphia.
My Greatest Celebrity Moment
Gonzo talks about the biggest celebrity he ever met.

Pepe's Muppet Moments

Picture Title Description
Prawn Lake
Pepe the King Prawn appears in a tutu to perform Prawn Lake.
Topo Sticky
Pepe the King Prawn introduces Topo Sticky, his popsicle-stick puppet. After Pepe leaves, however, Topo returns to explain that he's actually Duke Remington, an actor, playing the part and that dirty popsicle sticks are a serious issue.
Making An Impression
Topo Sticky does his best impression of Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and others.
Pepe the King Prawn and Rizzo the Rat bounce around on Pogo Sticks.
Timing is... Every...Thing
Pepe the King Prawn employs Animal to help the rim-shot in his stand-up routine.
Pepe martial arts.jpg
Shellfish Self Defense
Pepe teaches how to kick tail.

Animal Theatre

Picture Title Description
Animal in "Oliver Twist"
Animal takes on Dickens.
Animal in "Hamlet"
Animal takes on Shakespeare.
Animal in "Of Mice and Men"
Animal takes on Steinbeck with the help of a mouse and a man.
Animal in "Moby Dick"
Animal takes on Melville with the help of a large whale.
Animal in "All Quiet on the Western Front"
Animal takes on Remarque.
Animal in "Catcher in the Rye"
Animal takes on Salinger.

Animal's 24/7 Webcam

Picture Title Description
"Animal Typing"
Animal works on his keyboarding skills.
"Bunny Reading War & Peace"
Bunny reads the book "War and Peace" in Animal's room.
"Animal and Bunny Watching a Movie"
Animal and Bunny sit down to watch a movie on Animal's laptop.
"Animal Meditating"
Animal meditates.
"Animal Eating Pizza"
Animal and Bunny share some pizza.
"Animal Levitating"
Animal meditates, but falls back to earth when Dr. Teeth calls.
"Animal Sleeping"
Animal and Bunny take a nap.
"Bunny Exploring the Apartment"
Bunny roams around the apartment.

Breaking News

Picture Title Description
Kermit and Pepe at the Grammy Awards
Kermit the Frog and Pepe the King Prawn react to the news of the Muppets winning a Grammy for their album A Green and Red Christmas.
Kermit and Pepe at the Grammy Awards
Kermit the Frog and Pepe the King Prawn interview people on the red carpet of the 2008 Grammy Awards. Celebrities include: Ringo Starr, Fergie, Natasha Bedingfield, Mark Ronson, Harry Shearer, The Shins, Paul Wall, Feist, Dave Koz, Phil Ramone, Nelly Furtado, Paris Bennett, Colbie Caillat, Tia Carrere, Amy Lee, Wolfgang Puck, Miley Cyrus, Paramore and Wilco. The segment also includes Kermit and Pepe singing "Beyond the Sea" with the Shins and "Rainbow Connection" with Wilco.


Picture Title Description
Animal's Keep the Beat Players watch and repeat the notes that members of the Electric Mayhem play on their instrument. The game features new audio remarks from all five members of the band.
Muppets Memory Match Players match pictures of the Muppets in a memory card game.
Smackee-de-Snackee! Players smack Muppet snacks as they pop out of pots and pans. The game features original video introductions by the Swedish Chef. A version of the game existed as part of
Gonzo's Stunt Game! Players propel Gonzo into a container of water by adjusting the speed and angle of trajectory of his cannon. The game features original video introductions by Gonzo. A version of the game existed as part of
Muppets Bubble Jumble Players unscramble letters to spell Muppet words.
Muppets Trivia Challenge! Players score points by correctly answering Muppet trivia questions.
The Muppets Music Mixer Players collect sounds effects and beats to create their own remixes.

"Do Not Touch" button

Amid the objects seen on the Muppets' main stage is a red button labelled "Do Not Touch". Clicking on the button causes random Muppet characters to pop-up in a variety of special live action videos. Possible results are as follows:


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