Written by Phillip Namanworth
Date 1978
Publisher Sesame Street Inc; Teshuvah Music
First Episode 1234

Ernie wakes up Bert in the middle of the night to ask "Do You Like Me?". A disbelieving Bert confirms that he does like Ernie, but wants to go to sleep. Ernie tells Bert that he likes him also before he goes to sleep.

Walk-around versions of Ernie and Bert later sang this song at the 1990 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

International Versions

10 voor version.

The song and sketch were dubbed and appeared on the Dutch show Sesamstraat as "Vind Je Me Aardig?". In 2016, it was re-filmed and re-recorded in Dutch, with new vocals and a new backing track, for the Sesamstraat mini-series 10 voor.

The song was also dubbed in German for Sesamstrasse as "Ich mag Dich".

Audio Releases

International Audio Releases

International Video Releases

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