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Music by Robby Merkin
Lyrics by Sara Compton
Date 1995
Publisher Daddycrab Publishing
Sesame Street Inc.

"Do the Alphabet" is a Sesame Street song from the video of the same name.

Big Bird begins his method of learning the alphabet by testing Baby Bear for "alphabet-readiness," which involves echoing some nonsense sounds he says. Big Bird starts singing this upbeat rock song, with backup by Baby Bear, Zoe, Betty Lou, and the Kids, to prove that if they can repeat words like "sha-na-na" and "rama-lang," they can say the alphabet back to him.

The song is reprised at the end of the video, led in by Baby Bear telling Goldilocks how he mastered the alphabet. An instrumental reggae version is also heard in the underscore.

The song was also performed by Ernie and the cast in the Sesame Street Live show Out of This World.


Audio (Sesame Street Live)
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