"All right boys, kill him."

Doc Hopper is the Southern-bred owner of the Doc Hopper's French Fried Frog Legs chain of fast food restaurants in The Muppet Movie. When Hopper sees Kermit dancing, after being informed of the frog by his assistant Max, he's determined to have him as a spokesfrog, and he won't take no for an answer. Doc previously handled his own commercials, wearing a frog suit.

Doc Hopper's dream is to expand his franchise and own 1,000 restaurants. To achieve this goal, Hopper single-mindedly pursues Kermit halfway across the country in his limo, becoming the villain of the film in the process. Doc's methods become increasingly desperate (bringing about a crisis of conscience for Max), hiring mad scientist Professor Krassman to brainwash Kermit (he kidnapped Miss Piggy to lure Kermit to Krassman) and later enlisting Snake Walker and other thugs to kill the frog if he refuses. Doc's ambitions and ruthless determination are contrasted with Kermit's desire to spread joy and happiness to others. While Kermit's dream "becomes better the more people you share it with", encompassing a range of characters, Doc's goals are exclusionary, isolating him even from Max. Doc and his men are chased away, when they are about to kill Kermit and the gang, when Animal grows into a giant.

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