PERFORMER Rob Mills 1987-1996
  Noreen Young 1996-2001
DEBUT 1987

Dodi appeared on Sesame Park (Canada) from 1987 through the series' end in 2002. Dodi is an elderly female bush pilot who flies across Canada and elsewhere. Producer Michael Lavoie described her as "a very active, feisty lady, someone that's fun. She's not a square," says Lavoie. "She's athletic and adventurous, and doesn't take herself too seriously. Down the road, we're going to develop her more tender side, the grandmotherly side in telling stories to the guys (Basil and Louis)." Dodi also functioned as a mail carrier.

Dodi is a green Anything Muppet variant. For the flying sequences, Gord Robertson assisted as the "extra arm." Dodi's name was a tribute to Canadian Broadccasting Corporation producer/director Dodi Robb, who developed such Canadian youth and children's series as Degrassi Junior High and Owl TV.[1]

The Dodi puppet, in her plane, was housed at the CBC Museum, as part of the "Growing Up With CBC" exhibit until its closing in 2017.


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