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Written by Paul Tracey
Publisher Kunjani Music

"Dog Walk" is sung by Wayne as the UK Spot in episode 317 of The Muppet Show.

The bit is filmed against the same revolving backdrop as the previous episode's UK Spot, "Jogging", in which Wayne and his dog appeared as background characters, and the jogger from that bit appears as a background character in this.

In 2014, composer Paul Tracey commented on the Muppets' performance of the song:

β€œOf course I was delighted that the Muppets chose to use my song, but I was not too happy when I heard how their singer changed the rhythm of the lyrics and put the emphasis on the wrong syllables. I suppose this is how all songwriters feel when someone else sings their stuff! Oh well! I can't complain; it's a wonderful credit that I've used for years... that the Muppets used four of my songs on The Muppet Show! [1]”