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"Bad Eats: Don't Drop Inn"

The kitchen

The Don't Drop Inn is a grouch diner in Follow That Bird. Oscar the Grouch and Maria stop there for "an unforgettable dining experience." Crowded, noisy, with an ambiance defined by the smell of burnt food, raucous music, and assorted stains, the place caters almost exclusively to grouches, with a few rather tough-looking human customers scattered about.

The staff appears to be limited to a human waitress, a human chef, and a grouch kitchen assistant. The diner is decorated with typical grouch signs, including "Have a Lousy Day" and a neon device blazing "Get Lost".


  • Oatmeal (Cold Lumpy, Cod Liver, or Moldy)
  • Soup (with fly)
  • Cooked Jell-O
  • Spaghetti with maple syrup
  • Meatloaf with marshmallow sauce
  • Candied clams with French dressing
  • Cream of garlic soup with maraschino cherries
  • Roast beef with butterscotch and anchovies
  • Ham with donuts
  • Oatmeal sauce
  • Tossed salad (conveyed to diners through a small catapult)