Written by Donald Alan Siegal
Date 1989
Publisher Alto Prano Music,
Easy Reader Music
First Episode 2680

"Don't Throw That Trash on the Ground" is a Sesame Street song sung by Ernie and various Anything Muppets.

The song teaches about hanging onto your trash if you can't find a trash receptacle. In the song, Ernie and his friends (performed by Kevin Clash, Pam Arciero, and Camille Bonora) have wrappers and bottles they need to throw away, but can't find any trash cans in the park, until three Anything Muppet greasers (performed by David Rudman, Jerry Nelson, and Martin P. Robinson) advise to look for trash cans, but hold on to the trash until they find one.


  • This segment was Jim Henson's final performance of Ernie for the show, taped on November 21, 1989.[1]

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  1. Sesame Street: A Celebration - 40 Years of Life on the Street, sample pages
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