Don Harper is a composer who wrote the Sesame Street song "Everybody Say Hola" and was music director for several Sesame Street Live shows, including Sleeping Birdie, When I Grow Up, and Let's Be Friends. He composed songs and incidental music for the Live shows as well. He was also conductor and orchestrator of the Creature Shop-effects film Jack Frost.

A Los Angeles-based composer, Harper has worked on the music of several Hollywood films. He was conductor/orchestrator on Speed and conductor on Twister, Training Day, August Rush, The Haunted Mansion, and Hancock. He also composed additional music or specific cues (often chase or escape music) for The Rock, Moll Flanders, Hulk, and National Treasure.

For Disney Animation, Harper conducted the scores to Tarzan, Brother Bear, Planes, and Moana, and scored the spin-off series The Legend of Tarzan, as well as The Lion King 2/12. TV work included scoring The Magnificent Seven series (1998) and arranging music for The Outer Limits revival.

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