Donald and Ronald from The Muppet Show.


Donald and Daisy in their Kermit and Piggy costumes on the cover of Micky Maus Magazin.

Cayard Guess Who Met - Donald Duck

Bruce Cayard's Donald Duck

Donald Duck is a popular Disney cartoon character who debuted as a supporting player in the 1934 short The Wise Little Hen. The duck soon rose to become the studio's major star, eclipsing Mickey Mouse, in more than 100 theatrical cartoons through 1961. The short-tempered, incomprehensible quacker was also a major star in comics (gathering an equally popular array of co-stars such as his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie and uncle Scrooge McDuck), made occasional appearances on radio, and has remained an active figure in Disney television shows, comic books, and countless shows and parades at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Unlike Mickey, Donald has yet to interact directly with Kermit or any of the other Muppets. However, he has been referenced many times over the years. He also dressed as Kermit on the cover of an issue of Micky Maus Magazin along with his girlfriend Daisy Duck, dressed as Miss Piggy.


  • A 1975 Sesame Street cartoon (First: Episode 0798) animated by Bruce Cayard features a man imagining several characters his companion may have met today, one of which is a caricature of Donald Duck.
  • When Dani Behr asks Kermit and Gonzo in a 1996 interview on Hotel Babylon if they hang out with big celebrities, Gonzo says they know "Mick Mouse" and "Don Duck."
  • In The Muppets on Muppets, Gonzo names two of his Hollywood friends: "Mick" (Mickey Mouse) and "Don" (Donald Duck).
  • In Kermit's interview on Q with Jian Ghomeshi, he also refers to "Mick" and "Don", as well as "Plut" (Pluto) and "Goof" (Goofy).

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