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Illustrator Jim Henson
Published 2011
Publisher Walter Foster
ISBN 1600582443

Jim Henson Designs: Doodling with Jim Henson: More than 50 fun & fanciful artistic exercises to inspire the doodler in you! is a book released on October 1, 2011. The 144-page paperback highlights the artwork of Jim Henson and features over fifty exercises in the art of doodling.


Doodling with Jim Henson invites doodle enthusiasts and Henson fans alike to view the practice of doodling as a method and framework for additional creative development. Using a comprehensive catalogue of Jimโ€™s sketches and doodles throughout his career, you will learn the "finer points" of doodling as art and will be invited to doodle monsters, fish, birds, title treatments, signs, banners, borders, and backgrounds directly in the pages of this eclectic, colorful book. Fun exercises and drawing prompts engage and invite creative participation using no more than a pencil and a bit of imagination.

  • Features easy step-by-step instructions for learning the fine art of doodling through the eyes of celebrated artist and puppeteer Jim Henson.
  • Includes a brief history about Jim Henson and his influence in art, puppeteering, and television, as well as several of his simple yet profound life philosophies.
  • Contains a variety of doodle content, including Jim Hensonโ€™s character designs, dingbats, borders, frames, backgrounds, and more!

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