Doozer and vehicle in the Muppet Workshop, with a builder standing nearby.

Doozer Vehicles are the mechanical transportation and construction machines used by Doozers on Fraggle Rock. Although Doozers occasionally march on foot, especially in the early episodes, they are most frequently seen aboard their mechanized transport. A variety of Doozer vehicles exist. Some resemble trains or airport luggage trams, with multiple cars for transporting radish dust. Bulldozers (driven by a "Bulldoozer") are also useful. Other vehicles are primarily for personal transportation, such as Cotterpin Doozer's scooter. The transportation vehicles often resemble motorized tricycles. Some can carry multiple Doozers, like the ones shown in The Preachification Of Convincing John and The Trial Of Cotterpin Doozer.

Like the Doozers themselves, the vehicles are radio controlled, and combined with the movements of the Doozers, create an illusion of teeming industrious life. In the interview footage included on the Fraggle Rock season 1 DVD set, puppet effects designer Faz Fazakas discussed the intricacies of the vehicles, and proudly boasted that astronaut Sally Ride, a friend of writer Jerry Juhl, experimented with the Doozer technology in the pinscher lifter (a vehicle with a mechanized arm similar to that used in space probe machinery) as practice before heading into space.