PERFORMER Susan Beattie
DEBUT 1999

Doreen Warthog appeared in the Mopatop's Shop episode "Fine the Way You Are".

She has always dreamed of being in a photograph but did not think anyone would want to take her picture, as she was not beautiful enough. She thought her warts were too small, her tusks were not long enough, and that she could use a bow and a hat. Luckily for her, Puppyduck was able to find all the things she wanted, and while Puppyduck helped her with her makeover Flash Harry entered the shop looking for a warthog he could take a picture of. He did not like her new self; and after removing all the extras, he was happy to take her picture, as he thought she was fine the way that she was.

The puppet was originally used as Bernice the Warthog on The Animal Show.