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for other uses, see Dorothy (disambiguation)

Dorothy, looking contemplative.


In illustrations, Dorothy often has feminine-looking eyelashes.


Dorothy as she appears in animated form in the revamped version of "Elmo's World", which premiered in 2017.

Dorothy is Elmo's pet goldfish who first appeared on the "Elmo's World" segment of Sesame Street.

At six years old (in goldfish years),[1] she is a good friend to Elmo, who can understand what she's saying through her goldfish bowl. Dorothy is inquisitive and possesses an active imagination. Whatever topic is explored, Dorothy mentally pictures a version of Elmo in an appropriate role or form.

Dorothy is not a Muppet, but is portrayed by a real, live goldfish (almost certainly, multiple goldfish over the course of the series).

When represented in books or toys, Dorothy often has a feminine appearance, including prominent eyelashes. Dorothy's parents appear in the 2004 book Love!; they are unnamed, but other members of Dorothy's family are identified: a grandma named Gilda, a brother named Roger, an uncle named Frank, an aunt named Hilda, and a cousin named Goldie.

Following her introduction on "Elmo's World" in 1998, Dorothy has made appearances in the main Sesame Street storyline, beginning the same season, thus demonstrating her independent existence outside of Elmo's imagination. Episodes in which Dorothy has played a key role in the main street action include:

Ten years before Dorothy was introduced, Elmo had a pet fish named Barkley. Nine years afterwards, Elmo had another goldfish named Bubbles, who passed away, much to Elmo's despair. Telly and Miles gave him another goldfish in the same episode to cheer him up, in which Elmo names his third fish, "Miles-Telly."

Dorothy continues to appear in the new "Elmo's World" segments introduced in Season 47, though much less frequently and strictly in animated form.

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