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*It is multicolored sometimes.
*It is multicolored sometimes.
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"Dot Bridge"[1] (aka Circles or 30 Dots) refers to a series of animated shorts produced by Clark Gesner for the first season of Sesame Street, first seen in the premiere episode. In each short, a series of 30 dots appear on-screen, often with various complications impeding the process. The shorts were used as transitions from segment to segment and continued to be shown irregularly on the show through the early 1990s.

The score for the segments was written by Joe Raposo and was among the first pieces of music recorded by the house band for the series in June 1969.[2]

The series was referenced orally in Episode 4199, where Raposo's theme for the segments was used in the score as Abby Cadabby's freckles magically come off her face.


  • It is multicolored sometimes.



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